A South Korean Psychiatrist Kim Hyun-chul is likely to get dismissed from Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association, after the controversy he created last year regarding actor Yoo Ah-in’s mental health.

On November 26, 2017, psychiatrist Kim Hyun-chul publicly shared his concerns for actor Yoo Ah-in’s meantal health. After causing a tremendous amount of controversy, Kim eventually apologized to the actor and deleted his tweets.

Even though he deleted the tweets, he was still called to the disciplinary committee of the KNPA. On March 12, the ethics committee of the association reported that they created a case to investigate and discipline psychiatrist Kim for his actions last month, and the official decision should come out by next week.

Despite the unfinished process, the association said it is likely that the psychiatrist will be dismissed. To lose one’s membership from the association is the biggest punishment one could ever receive.

In his tweets, psychiatrist Kim diagnosed actor Yoo Ah-in of Hypomania. He pointed out the actor’s amount of Social Networking activities and the contents were unusual of him. He concluded, “if this continues and he falls into depression, it is extremely dangerous.”

Soon after his tweets, Kim received criticism from the public. The public said it was wrong for him to diagnose the actor based on his writings only. In addition, many believed that sharing the diagnosis in public was violating the actor’s privacy.

In regard to the controversy, the Korean Employed Psychiatrists Association said “we do not make a diagnosis without talking to the patient privately first.” They asked the KNPA to launch a full investigation and “follow the code of ethics and take appropriate action.”

A source from the KNPA said, “Yoo Ah-in’s agency had sent in a request for psychiatrist Kim’s discipline as well. While it is yet to be determined, we are also considering to request Ministry of Health and Welfare to revoke Kim’s license.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim