Prosecutors give rapper CJamm a 2-year prison sentence for marijuana usage.

In May, “Show Me the Money” rapper CJamm was charged for illegal marijuana usage. After a thorough investigation, the prosecutors are seeking a 2-year long prison sentence with 16.45 million won (approximately $14,700) in fine.

On July 11, the prosecutors explained the reason for the sentence, “we have taken into account that the rapper had utilized the illegal drug for a long time. However, he had shown a sign of regret and reflected upon himself during the investigation. The fine accounts towards the illegal act of purchasing the illegal drug.”

On the same day, CJamm appeared at the court and shared his final words. The rapper said, “I will make sure that something like this never happens again. I apologize to my parents.” Furthermore, the rapper also answered a question regarding why he committed such an act. He said, “I thought using the drugs would relieve me from the stress. While I did it out of curiosity, it was still an excuse for my wrongdoings.”

Moreover, the rapper’s lawyer requested for a lenient ruling from the court. They said, “the defendant has been reflecting upon his wrongdoings since the beginning of the investigation. In addition, before his arrest, he voluntarily participated in a rehabilitation program. Please take into account that he has no other criminal records when ruling.”

Meanwhile, the rapper was booked for using marijuana since May of 2017, which he admitted to during the investigation. Afterwards, the police arrested the rapper and held him at the Suwon Detention Center. VASCO, another rapper from the same company, was accused of the same.

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Translated by Dasol Kim