Production for upcoming drama “Four Men” with Park Hae-Jin has come to a halt.

On July 10, OSEN reported that a pre-production drama “Four Men” has temporarily stopped due to a disagreement between the production company and director Jang Tae-Yoo. The drama started its production process in January, but has been put to a halt since May 10.

While they did not reveal the exact cause for the halt, Victory Company, who is in charge of production is arguing for a gajbil from director Jang Tae-Yoo. However, other source argued that halt resulted from staff not receiving proper payment for their labor.

According to several sources, the halt in the production has put many staff in tough living situation. Staff who receive daily payment are struggling due to a lack of working days, and other staff who receive monthly payment had to work for two months with no payment because of the filming coming to a halt.

As a result, many staff declared to quit. In response, director Jang Tae-Yoo and actor Park Hae-Jin paid the staff from their own pockets while they did not receive payment, either. However, the staff still protested against the production of “Four Men” by saying “we have no intention of returning, even if the production resumed. We doubt that it will resume.”

Meanwhile, Victory Company argues otherwise.

The production company said, “director Jang Tae-Yoo has requested unreasonable conditions that exceeded over our first estimated cost of production. On May 8, he requested a change in the screenwriter, and when we did not come to an agreement, he indirectly announced to quit. Afterwards, he is avoiding all calls from our company.”

They continued, “it is also false that staff not receiving payment caused the halt. We had already paid the actors their promised payment, and spent billions on the production. Besides director Jang and his staff, everyone else is showing up at the office and putting their fullest efforts into making this drama happen. The actors feel the same way as us.”

Furthermore, the company clarified that the director Jang and Park Hae-Jin did not volunteer to pay for the staff. In fact, the payment resulted from a legal contract they had drawn out in the earlier stage.

In conclusion, the production company is blaming director Jang, and the staff is blaming the production team. Without an appropriate agreement from both parties, the drama is least likely to happen.

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Translated by Dasol Kim