“I can’t give you the exact answer for ‘Infinity Challenge’ Season 2, but I promise to come back with something that has a distinct color.” – Kim Tae-ho PD

On March 30, tea time with ‘Infinity Challenge’ producer Kim Tae-ho took place at the MBC Golden Mouth Hall.

Kim Tae-ho PD has been with ‘Infinity Challenge’ for the past 13 years. With their final episode airing on March 31, the program will take a break. At the beginning of April, the staff of ‘Infinity Challenge’ will go on a rewarding vacation to Guam.

When the news broke out that the program will be ending soon, many were disappointed. The program has been with us for the past 13 years and it felt like a sudden goodbye. However, Kim Tae-ho PD has, in fact, repeatedly talked about the need to divide the program into different seasons. Thus, we should’ve guessed it was going to happen soon or later. To commemorate the end of season 1, Kim Tae-ho PD invited the press on March 30, to share his thoughts and experiences as the lead producer of ‘Infinity Challenge.’

Q. How do you feel regarding the end of the program?

If you combine the years spent from Elementary school to High school, it still does not add up to 13 years. When I think of it that way, I can finally realize how long I’ve been pouring myself into this program. However, instead of thinking how well I did with the program, I feel more regrettable. What would have happened had I made a different decision back then? For members, it is a habit to wake up on Thursday mornings to go film for ‘Infinity Challenge.’ We joked about how we should try to avoid each other next week.

Q. What did you and Choi Haeng-ho PD talk about regarding the successor program?

The program of Choi PD has nothing to do with me. All I can do is simply to cheer him on. Because of this sudden decision, he must be under a lot of pressure. I did not directly speak to him about the format of his new program, but I did offer my help, should he need it in the future.

Q. When will you be back and with what kind of program?

I want nothing more than to say with confidence about my return. However, I can’t give you the exact answer on whether it will be another season of ‘Infinity Challenge’ or not. I don’t have anything organized in my head and if I confirm that I will come back with season 2, it becomes a homework for me. Our company has accepted it and gave me a huge opportunity to get everything organized. Because the company risked a lot to give me this opportunity, I will be using every minute of this break to the fullest.

Q. You have thrown many messages regarding the current events of Korea. What is the one that remains in your heart the most?

We did cover a lot of social issues, including historical issues, alternative energy, the electoral system, laws, and others. We weren’t trying to provide a particular answer to these issues, but we did want to use the attention and love we have received to give something back to the society. Sometimes, we appeared rather “enlightening” and received lots of criticism, but we felt like it was our duty to cover social issues at least once a year.

Q. Have you talked with the members about what’s next?

Members, as well as I, would love to return to the program together. However, everything has stopped for now. If we decide to return, we will need enough ammunition. Because every member has a different philosophy and view regarding ‘entertainment,’ it is hard to give you an exact answer of “what’s next.” As of now, we don’t really have anything prepared.

Q. Is it true that you have been receiving “love calls” from other companies?

I heard about the rumors. One rumor said somebody offered me to give me my own agency. However, I have never regarded myself more than just another producer working for MBC. In fact, whenever people from other companies, whether it be my friend or a recruiter, talked about the great things of their company, I always tried to apply those to MBC. I always thought about what I could do to improve the culture of MBC and there has been nothing bigger than to love the program ‘Infinity Challenge.’ Right now, my plan is to simply return to and focus on my own family.

Q. Last words to the audience of ‘Infinity Challenge’

Thank you for always giving us love, patience, and anticipation. I’m sorry because I feel like I never reached the level of your anticipation and fulfill your satisfaction. It has been a long 13 years and I hope you continue to cheer on the member’s individual activity aside from ‘Infinity Challenge.’ It will be hard for them to adjust to this new surrounding, but once they get used to it, I’m sure you will be able to see them in the near future. I admit I sometimes closed my eyes and ears because I did not want to hear the criticism. Sometimes, I made a teaser that looked fun, when the actual episode wasn’t. However, you always let it slide and gave us a reason to improve ourselves. I, as well as our members, have matured so much through this program. Thank you.

Q. Last words regarding the final episode

The last episode will have an open ending. Everyone is sad about the sudden goodbye. I will continue to work at MBC, and I want to produce ‘Infinity Challenge’ Season 2 if I’m allowed. Also, I’m still good friends with Yoo Jae-suk. I think I’ve said everything I need to say, for now.

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Translated by Dasol Kim