IZ ONE, the new project girl group of ‘Produce 48’, will officially begin their group activities.

On September 7th, IZ ONE’s agency opened the group’s social media accounts and shared the team logo. On their Twitter and Instagram accounts, they uploaded a unique pink logo with the text ‘IZ One’.

In the description, it was written in both Korean and Japanese: “This is the official twitter account of IZ*One.”

IZ ONE is a Korean and Japanese project girl group of 12 girls. The members include: Jang Won-young, Miyawaki Sakura, Jo Yu-ri, Choi Ye-na, Ahn Yu-jin, Yabuki Nako, Kwon Eun-bi, Kang Hye-won, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chae-won, Kim Min-joo, and Lee Chae-yeon. The group is expected to debut at the end of October.


Original article
by Audrey Joung