Group Pristin’s Zhou Jieqiong showed off her Chinese mandolin (Liuqin) skills on KBS ‘Boarding House Daughters’.

On the show’s episode on the 9th, the show’s original members cooked a meal for new idol stars.

After visiting new boy group SF9’s house, members visited Pristin’s practice room and got to know each other.

Pristin’s Chinese member Zhou Jieqiong chose the Chinese mandolin as her special skill and played the instrument. Other members seemed surprised by Zhou’s excellent playing skills. After playing a song from a Chinese minority group, Zhou also played ‘Tian Mi Mi’ as Lee Soo-geun requested.

Zhou was humble and said she learned the instrument for “10 years”. After Zhou, another member Rena showed a sexy dance with Zhou playing the instrument in the background.


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung