Earlier this month, it was reported that Go Hara’s exboyfriend Choi Jong-beom had threatened to release a sex tape of the two. In response, police launched an investigation to determine if he attempted to share the video.

Image source – OSEN News

Police raided Choi Jong-beom‘s home, car, and beauty salon to secure electronic equipment such as mobile phones for their investigation. With these electronics, the police looked to discover any evidence of any attempts to share the video by restoring data through digital forensics.

After assessing the collected evidence, the police judged that there were no circumstances in which Choi distributed the video. Further, After a cross-examination between Go Hara and Choi, police filed an arrest warrant for Choi on October 19. More, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office also requested a warrant on Tuesday, but the warrants were rejected.

After a final examination on Wednesday morning, Seoul Central District Court Judge Lee Eon-hak said that “It is hard to recognize the reason or necessity for arresting a defendant.” Judge Lee was in charge of determining whether the arrest warrants were justifiable. Additionally, Judge Lee explained that “there is no circumstantial evidence to suggest that it (the video) was leaked to a third party…”



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