While actor Baek Sung-hyun recently got involved in a drunk driving accident, the police has announced that because there was no official investigation conducted yet, it is too early for anyone to mention the word “aiding” the accident.

At 1:40 AM on October 10th, a car that Baek Sung-hyun was on (not driving) ran into a median strip after slipping around two times. The driver, who’s identity has not been revealed, had a BAC (Blood Alchol Content) of 0.08%, which qualifies for license suspension.

A witness has said that Baek was also drunk and was trying to resolve the situation. However, there has been no official investigation conducted.

Goyang Police Station told Ilgan sports on the 11th, “We have not called the driver for an investigation. We will have an investigation soon with not only the driver, but also Baek Sung-hyun’. The police also said, “It will not be late to mention his punishment level after we finish the investigation. There is nothing confirmed such as whether he was drink or not. Now is not the right time to mention “aiding” the drunk-driving accident.”

Baek Sung-hyun first debuted in 1994 as a child actor. He appeared on dramas including ‘Damo’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Haesin’, ‘Age of Heroes’, and ‘Doctors’. And in November last year, he applied for marine police to fulfill his military duty. Since January 2nd, he has been serving his duty as a marine police officer.

Officials at marine police announced that they will “decide on punishment after conducting their own investigation”.


Original article
by Audrey Joung