More than 100,000 people signed the online petition to ask for strong punishment of Choi Jong-bum for threatening Goo Hara with a sex tape.

After a South Korean media outlet revealed evidence of the singer’s ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum blackmailing Goo Hara with a video showing their sexual relations, a petition was posted to the online government petition board. To the petition asking for strong punishment of Choi Jong-bum and the like, 115,579 people signed in less than a day.

Govenment petition board

“None of the ‘revenge pornography’ assailants has gone to jail in the past tens of years,” writes the petition. “What about the victims? The old disgusting attacks of ‘you should have been more careful’ are driving them to suicides.”

“Starting from Choi Jong-bum, who is at the center of media’s attention, investigate the people who have recorded and owned revenge porns and have used the videos to blackmail the victims. Give them actual sentences.”

Meanwhile, people are also pointing out that media should mention his name, just as they write Goo Hara’s name.

“It’s not ‘Goo Hara’s boyfriend A,’ it’s the blackmailer Choi Jong-bum,” one of the comments on a related article says. On Twitter, too, people are writing with hashtags mentioning his name.


By Heewon Kim