On February 25, the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics officially ended with the closing ceremony featured by various K-pop stars like EXO and CL. However, many left the ceremony disappointed due to Psy, who eventually did not make it to the show.

Previous to the closing ceremony, there had been a rumor that globally renowned K-pop star Psy would be the one behind the question mark left for an additional surprise guest invited to the stage on the big night. However, the artist betrayed many wishes.

Throughout the ceremony, people on social media sought for the artist and they did not hide their disappointment when the ceremony ended without Psy’s horse-riding dance to “Gangnam Style.” Psy stayed on the top of the local search engine’s frequently searched terms chart throughout the ceremony and many Tweeted in the expectation to see the artist on the stage.


“1. Psy singing “Oppan Gangnam Style,” making a surprise appearance from the floor.
2. Psy singing “Oppan Gangnam Style,” making a surprise appearance from a giant gift box.
3. Psy singing “Oppan Gangnam Style,” taking off the Soohorang costume.
4. Psy singing “Oppan Gangnam Style,” mixing EDM.
5. But the closing ceremony ended with questions asking when is Psy going to make his appearance.”


“The human-faced bird looking desperately for Psy”


“Although the game has ended, every citizen will remember your name.
Well done, Psy.”


“Ah, Psy’s performance was amazing although I didn’t see it.”


“Everyone is guessing that Psy is inside the box lol.”


“Well, foreigners should have expected it as well.
Opening ceremony: I will be able to see Psy since I’m in Korea
Closing ceremony: I will be able to see Psy since I’m in Korea
No Psy: Where is Gangnam Style?”


In the meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Psy had been invited to the closing ceremony, but denied the proposal due to the pressure from negative feedbacks he received when he performed for previous Asian Games.


By Heewon Kim