KBS “My Golden Life”

“I’m going to report it to the police. You know it’s illegal, right?”

People on social media are expressing their uncomfortable feelings about how the male character is threatening his wife over her attempted abortion. On Twitter, people are raising their voices using the hashtag reading: #Apologize_MyGoldenLife.

The controversial episode of popular Korean drama “My Golden Life” aired on January 20. In the episode, Seo Ji-tae (played by Lee Tae-sung) finds Lee Soo-ah (played by Park Joo-hee) at a hospital to stop her from getting an abortion.

The married couple, which had agreed not to have kids upon their marriage, started to discuss a divorce after they find out that Soo-ah is pregnant. While the husband has changed his mind after listening to the heartbeats of the fetus, the wife chooses abortion for more practical reasons.

As the trouble grows between the two, Soo-ah tells her husband that she is going to divorce him if he doesn’t come to the hospital on the day of the surgery. Ji-tae, who makes his appearance at the hospital, demands Soo-ah to give birth to their child, threatening her that he will report her to the police.

As abortion is currently illegal in Korea, a significant number of women who got pregnant against their will commit themselves to illegal surgeries or fake abortion pills. While the debate over the abolishment of the related law is fueling recently, the mentioned scene is disturbing many of the viewers for using a sensitive issue so recklessly.

“It is horrible that the writer wrote a script like this without acknowledging that women in real lives are actually threatened by an abortion law,” a Twitter user expressed thoughts about the scene.


By Heewon Kim