PENTAGON member E’Dawn has finally opened up to his fans about the recent events regarding his relationship with HyunA.

On September 7, PENTAGON’s E’Dawn stopped by the group’s official fan cafe, leaving a letter to fans expressing his honest thoughts and feelings about the recent events regarding his romantic involvement with HyunA. In the letter, the singer apologized to fans about missing out on official events, as well as taking a temporary hiatus from group activities.

The following is E’Dawn’s full letter:

Hello everyone, this is E’Dawn.

I’m sorry for coming to you so late, so suddenly, and not even directly, but with a letter.

I had wanted to stand in front you at the fan meet and the fan club inauguration ceremony in August, for which our members and I had worked very hard, but I was unfortunately not able to attend.

I needed to find a way to express my regret and apologize to fans for disappearing so suddenly, even after I had said I wanted to perform confidently and proudly in front of you. While I do not know how this letter will appeal to you guys, I wanted to deliver my sincere apology and update you on my life to everyone who is wondering about my whereabouts.

Before the incident took place, I was very scared and afraid. I had talked to my members about it multiple times, trying to decide what is the right thing to do. However, I finally realized that I needed to be honest and not lie about the things I had chosen to do. The right thing to do was to stand in front of you, and be honest about my feelings.

Moreover, I had promised to perform on stage as soon as possible, and I’m sorry that I have broken that promise with the upcoming PENTAGON comeback. however, our members have worked very hard for this comeback, and I’m glad that they got the opportunity to showcase their hard work in front of you.

While I can’t be there physically, but I will be cheering on our members with our fans for they have put their fullest efforts into the upcoming album.

I was given a month to think about the incident and consider what my next step should be.

At the beginning, I anticipated a lot of people to hate me. I also worried that I had hurt too many people. Overall, it was a time for me to think about a lot of different things. Now I’m upset that this is the only way to deliver my sincere heart, and only through a letter.

I do not know how we will meet again, but please stay healthy. I pray that only good news and things will come into your lives. I’m sorry, I thank you, and I miss you. Every time I get a chance, I promise to come back with more news.

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Translated by Dasol Kim