A lower court sentenced a woman to 2 years in prison for falsely accuse and blackmail Park Yoo-chun, member of K-pop boy band JYJ. The court announced that her accusation against Park Yoo-chun for raping her was false and that she made the false accusation for money.

On January 17, Seoul Central District Court cleared the charges against Park You-chun and sentenced the woman – who is identified only by her last name Lee – and two other persons involved in the case to actual sentences in jail.

“Lee argued that she was sexually assaulted, but she could easily escape the site on the day,” Judge Choi Jong-jin said in delivering the sentence. “Also, she was seen dancing with Park’s group and she did not report to police about the rape afterwards.”

The court also revealed that Lee clearly blackmailed related officials from Park Yoo-chun’s agency for money. “Lee and two others met people from Park’s agency and blackmailed them that they will report the case to the media,” explained the court. “As their request was not met, Lee filed the accusation against Park at the Gangnam Police Office. Lee and her people had a purpose to receive money, not apology, from Park.”

“As he was accused for a sexual assault, a famous public figure Park Yoo-chun has suffered not only financial loss, but also a fatal blow to his image,” said the judge. “Park Yoo-chun, who is innocent, suffered from a great pain and his return to the entertainment activity is unclear.”

Park Yoo-chun’s fans at the site expressed their relief as Lee and two other related persons were given prison sentences. However, the singer’s return to the fans remains unclear.


Original article by Park Pan-seok
Translated by Heewon Kim