The romantic webtoon “Why Secretary Kim” (literal translation) may be getting the silver screen treatment with Park Seo-joon as the main protagonist.

Seo-joon webtoon
Image source: OSEN News

Actor Park Seo-joon has been offered a role in the new drama project “Why Secretary Kim.” On December 18 Seo-joon’s agency Content Y said, “Seo-joon has been offered several different roles, but has not made any decisions yet.”

“Why Secretary Kim” was a story created by Jung Kyung-yoon that was later adapted into a webtoon by Kim Myung-mi in 2013. For the drama, Seo-joon would likely play the role of Lee Yeon-jun, the egotistical vice president of a large company. Lee Yeon-jun’s exclusive and perfect secretary Kim Mi-so suddenly resigns from his position after nine years, an event that leads to exciting developments.

The situation in the webtoon denotes that the drama could be a light office romantic comedy. Park Seo-joon has been in a similar role before as the talented but cold boss in “She Was Pretty” (2015). Recently, Park Seo-joon has taken roles of quirky characters, like Ko Dong-man in “Fight My Way” (2016). However, with a 7.9 out of 10 on IMDB, a reprisal of cold and romantic boss Park Seo-joon’s will be well received.

The show’s producers plan to release the show sometime next year. However, the drama has not been bought by any network yet.


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