Both known for their romantic acting abilities, Hyung-sik and Ji-min come together in a short film directed by Hur Jin-ho.

Image source: OSEN News

On November 30 a crew-member from “Two Lights” told the media that, “Han Ji-min and Park Hyung-sik have been cast”, in the film.

“Two Rays of Light” is a story revolving around a visually impaired man and women who grow closer through photography. Like other works from Hur Jin-ho, the short film is a melodrama with a melodic sensibility.

Director Hur is a master of Korean melodrama. He earned the title by directing some well-known films including”Christmas in August” (1998), “Happiness” (2007), “A Good Rain Know” (2009), and last year’s “The Last Princess” among others. Moreover, his work is distinctive for the range of emotional experiences portrayed in his films.

This melodic and emotional leaning will be especially interesting with Han Ji-min and Park Hyung-sik. They both have pure, fresh, and bright images, but have yet to work with each other. It will be up to director Hur to pull forth from the actors that necessary performances for roles.

Han Ji-min has been working on “That’s My Only World” (dir. Choi Seong-hyeon) and “Miss Baek (dir. Lee Ji-won); both will be released in 2018. Meanwhile, for Park Hyung-sik “Two Lights” will be his first film. Previously, Mr. Park has only acted in drama including “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” (2017) and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” (2016). Furthermore, he recently signed with United Artists Agency (UAA) and is looking forward to his first film.

The film “Two Rays of Light” will be released in the first half of 2018.

Original article by OSEN News

Translated by O.C