Actress Park Hae-mi has announced that she will not hire a lawyer for his husband Hwang Min, who recently caused a car accident while he was drunk.

According to TV Report on 6th, Park Hae-mi said she has “put down everything”. She said, “I won’t hire a lawyer. I understand that now is the worst situation. I will leave everything to the police to handle”.

It was also announced that the actress has never met her husband once since the accident.

Hwang Min, who is a musical producer, crashed into a 25t truck last month on the 27th while he was drunk driving. At the moment of the accident, his blood alcohol level was 0.104%, which requires a license revocation.

As a result of the accident, two of the passengers, both musical actors, have passed away.

On August 30th, three days after the accident, Hwang Min voluntarily appeared at the Gyeonggi Guri police station, and admitted all the charges that were put on him.

According to the police, Hwang Min is feeling a strong sense of guilt, and said he is ready for any punishment.


Original article
by Audrey Joung