Actor Park Hae-jin opened his mouth about the accusation by the production team of drama “Four Sons.”

On November 21, the actor’s agency Mountain Movement clarified that Park Hae-jin has never been absent from the filming, as the production team of “Four Sons” accused. The agency continued to say that it was the production team that did not follow the contract.

“The contract ended in March, but we’ve extended it,” said the agency. “Even after the leading actress Nana stepped down, the actor attended filming for two more months.”

The agency continued, “However, the script for the eighth episode is out now, and they didn’t even get the half of the filming. There is no point of continuing the production.”

Park Hae-jin has officially stepped down from the drama, “Four Sons.” The agency added that everything will be sorted out according to the contract and laws.

Previously, the production team accused Park Hae-jin of causing a halt by not attending to the filming since earlier this month.


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