Actress Park Ha-sun talked about his brother, who has a developmental disability.

On 2nd’s episode of JTBC ‘Kim Je-dong’s Talk To You’, actress Park Ha-sun appeared as guest to celebrate the program’s 100th episode. On the episode, Park Ha-sun talked about 100 different topics with Kim Je-dong.

While talking about a story of a policeman husband, Park Ha-sun confessed, “My brother used to run away from home often when he was younger. He is a little sick. If we didn’t lock the door, he went out of the house.”

Park Ha-sun continued, “We lived in Seoul, but we would find him in Pohang or Busan. Every time he was lost, the police helped us finding him. When I think about the police, I still think they are very warmhearted people.”


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung