Park Eun-Hye shares a tip or two on how to survive as a single, working mom!

For the December issues of woman’s magazine Woman Sense, actress Park Eun-Hye so graciously decorated the cover. With minimum makeup and short haircut, Park showed off her chic and charismatic side.

Following the photoshoot, Park Eun-Hye also participated in an interview to talk about her post-divorce life and how she copes with struggles as a single mom. Park begun, “I’m looking after my children all by myself. Everyday, I’m in constant fear and financial burden. However, it has become a reason for me to work even harder.”

The actress further talked about raising her children. Park said, “I’m very interested in my children’s education, just like any other moms. However, instead of forcing them to do things that they don’t like just because that’s what I want, I would like them to experience things without losing their self-identities, first.”

She continued, “I consider creativity more important than just mere studying. As a result, I didn’t think studying in advance was important, but because of my misjudgment, they apparently struggled a bit during their first semester.”

At the end, Park Eun-Hye explained her own description of happiness. The actress said, “to me, ‘happiness’ is when nothing bad is going on in my life. I didn’t lose anything in 2018, but I also didn’t gain anything, either. During the process, I’ve matured and grown as a person. I became somewhat desperate for things. I’ll work harder and become happier.

Image Source – Woman Sense

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Translated by Dasol Kim