Thanks to her outstanding singing and stage manners, Punch is the most requested singer for College festivals.

Image source – Mnet

Punch emerged as the top candidate for college festivals this month. According to her agency NaymNaym Entertainment, there is a “wave of excitement” for the singer to appear.

Reportedly, over 50 organizers and colleges contacted the agency to invite Punch to their festival for May. While she may not have the same recognition as K-pop idols, viewers of “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin” have likely heard her voice. Punch sang the OST “Everytime,” and “Stay With Me,” for these shows, respectively.

Due to her recognizable voice and great vocal quality she has earned the nickname “OST Fairy.” However, in a notable change, the singer released a single “Tonight” earlier this year, which performed well on music charts. In particular, Punch has secured a huge fanbase in their 20s and as such, has become a “hot guest” for these festivals

Meanwhile, the OST Fairy will reportedly release a single later this month.


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