SBS variety show ‘Master in the House’ invites legendary Korean figures to give so-called “life lessons” and advice to the youth community, who may be having doubts and questions in life.

The four members of “Master in the House” – Lee Seung-Gi, Yang Se-Hyung, Lee Sang-Yoon, and Yook Sung-Jae become the “students” of a “master.” They spend a day with the master and try to imitate their daily lifves in order to learn how their daily routines affect their lives in general. This means that they sleep at the master’s house, eat what they eat, and participate in the daily routine/activities.

The show, while still having the comedic aspect of a “entertainment program,” is actually quite educational. Instead of sitting us down and instructing them what to do, they allow the audience to directly participate in the lessons. By at least trying to imitate a different person’s life, they can really broaden your horizons and open eyes to new perspectives of life.

Yes, every human being has a different lifestyle and ways to cope with things. Furthermore, just because a “master,” who happened to became successful, is living life a certain way, doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.

However, while it is humanely impossible to follow one’s lifestyle and daily routines, some general life lessons could be useful to those who are searching for answers or a small piece of advice about how to navigate your life.

The following are some life lessons from “Master in the House” that could guide or direct our lives to better places.

  1. BoA – You Don’t Have to Become an Adult Too Quickly

BoA, real name Kwon Bo-Ah, is the Queen of K-Pop as everyone would know. She was discovered by SM Entertainment when she was 12, and debuted in 2000 after training for only two years. At the time, she gathered much attention for not only being one of the youngest singers to ever debut, but also for her extraordinary talents for singing and dancing. After successfully debuting in Japan as well as in the US, BoA now acts as one of the creative directors for SM Entertainment, as well as still actively participating in her singing and acting careers.

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While people only think of the success and fame BoA achieved for the past 20 years, master BoA says her life is actually quite mundane. Besides all the flash and glamour she receives from the stage and outside world, her house is usually very empty and quite.

During her episode of ‘Master in the House,’ she revealed she doesn’t have, and has never had friends to go through the struggles together. As a result, the only solution she found to relieve her stress was to become the “immature” teenage ‘Kwon Bo-Ah’ she had to give up to become the brand ‘BoA.’

She furthermore explained about the true meaning of being an adult. When one thinks about the meaning behind ‘being an adult,’ they usually go for words like ‘responsibility’ or ‘maturity.’ However, master BoA says in the midst of all that, you still need to be true to yourself about the childish aspects that are inside of you. By staying true and honest to yourself, you will finally find the right balance between the “adult you” and “child you,” which will make life much enjoyable.

2. Cha In-Pyo – “Right Now” Mentality

Cha In-Pyo, a legendary actor and a movie director, taught us a lesson of “Right Now” mentality. In the episode, Cha In-Pyo teamed up with his four students to film a documentary about Korean non-verbal comedy group, The Ongals, about their debut in Los Angeles 11 years ago.

In addition to making a meaningful documentary, master Cha did a lot of spontaneous things that he thought of momentarily in the program. For example, he set up alarms at certain times to do push-ups, dropping everything he was doing at the moment. In addition, he made the members of ‘Master in the House’ to help him film the documentary, right there and right now.

When asked why and when master Cha started having this mentality, he shared a rather unfortunate memory. After his younger brother passed away, master Cha was full of regret and shame that he didn’t say and share much with him. Since then, master Cha decided to commit to everything that comes to his mind without a debate, before it’s too late.

While he seemed rather (comically) insane and almost psychotic by doing so, he ended up giving us a great life lesson. When Lee Seung-Gi revealed that he hadn’t seen his grandmother since he was discharged from the military, master Cha immediately suggested they do so right now. When the students were taken aback by this seemingly-impractical suggestion, master Cha said, “being tired and exhausted lasts only for a moment, but this memory will last forever in your grandmother’s heart.”

Master Cha ended his episode by saying, “the only thing matters on your last day on earth is whether you did it or not. Do it right now.”

3. Lee Sun-Hee – Learn to Abstain Yourself

In the episode of Lee Sun-Hee, the “national diva” showed us how it is to perfectly abstain oneself from temptations. After debuting in 1984 as a 20-year old, Lee Sun-Hee released many hit songs, won numerous awards, and became one of the greatest and most influential Korean singers of all times. Recently, she was even invited to perform in North Korea as a member of South Korean Art’s Delegation.

However, master Lee in “Master in the House” proved that she didn’t get to where she is now, only with her singing skills. On top of the talent, she showed “being in control of oneself” is one of the most important requirements to become and achieve ANYTHING in life.

For example, on the contrary to her usual “belting,” master Lee revealed she doesn’t ever raise a voice in her daily life. In addition, she always has a scarf around her neck no matter how hot it is, doesn’t talk until after she’s had her morning neck stretches/yoga, and only eats vegetables in order to protect her throat at all times. Lee Seung-Gi, who was master Lee’s actual student for a few years before he debuted, confirmed that this lifestyle of his master.

By restraining herself from the temptations and being in total control of herself, master Lee was able to keep, store, and improve on her voice. And with it, she now sends powerful messages through her songs.

In conclusion, there are reasons why these “masters” became so successful in their own fields.

While everyone is accustomed to own, individual lifestyle, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peak at others. If not more, there is at least one thing we can learn from each other’s lifestyle. Take these life lessons from master BoA, Cha In-Pyo, and Lee Sun-Hee and apply them to your life today. See what happens. If you like them, keep them and spread the tips to the people around you.

By. Dasol Kim

Image Source – Screen capture from SBS ‘Master in the House’

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