Korea’s “Marine Boy” Park Tae-Hwan joins the cast of SBS “Law of the Jungle”

The production team of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle” reported that 4-time Olympic medalist Park Tae-Hwan joined the cast of the program in secret to their journey to the Northern Mariana Islands on October 31.

The original cast took off to the islands as a group and Park Tae-Hwan closely followed them in secret by himself. As soon as they landed, the swimmer surprised the crew and officially joined the team to survive on the islands.

According to a source, Park hesitated a while before deciding to appear on the program. Because he was an athlete, who had never been on a variety show as a part of the official cast, he worried that he would not fit in. However, based on the constant and sincere love call from the program’s chief producer Kim Jin-Ho, he decided to join just a few days before the filming started.

The production team said, “please look forward to seeing different sides of Park Tae-Hwan, not as an Olympic gold medalist, but as an ordinary person just like any of us. As soon as he was dropped off at the location, Park has been taking a full advantage of his bodily figures and intuition to survive on the islands. We plan to continue to film different scenes with him that go beyond the anticipation and imagination of our audience.”

Meanwhile, SBS “Law of the Jungle in the Northern Mariana Islands” with Park Tae-Hwan will air sometime in December.

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Translated by Dasol Kim