Ok Taek-yeon talked about joining the army at the production announcement of new OCN drama ‘Save Me’ on the 27th.

He said, “I had said that ‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight’ would be my last work before I join the army, but one year has passed since then. I really wanted to join the army this year. I am still waiting for my enlistment notice.”

Ok Taek-yeon also talked about the new drama, ‘Save Me’. He said, “I was attracted by the fact that I could work with the greatest actors. Also, I was very curious about pseudo-religion, which is the theme of the drama. Reading the script, I found it attractive how my character grows as he goes through conflicts with religion and injustice of society.”

‘Save Me’ will start airing on August 5th.


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung