Girl group Oh My Girl BANHANA confirmed to debut in Japan at the end of August!

On June 11, Oh My Girl held the first press conference at Sony Music in Tokyo, Japan to officially announce their Japanese debut plans.

At the press conference, Oh My Girl announced their first unit ‘Oh My Girl BANHANA’ will debut in Japan at the end of August. On August 28, they will have their debut showcase, followed by the album release on August 29.

Furthermore, they revealed that their debut album is a translated version of their pop-up album ‘Banana Allergy Monkey,’ which released in April. This is one of the most rare cases, where a unit is debuting in Japan before the whole group’s debut.

In addition, Oh My Girl also signed a contract with one of the most influential Japanese record companies, Sony Music. With the contract, Sony Music will take care of the group’s management in Japan.

WM Entertainment reported, “Oh My Girl signed a management contract with Sony Music and plans to release their debut album on August 29. While the group prepares for their debut, we hope to receive lots of love and attention from you.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim