NRG was one of the first boy groups to enter Korea’s music scene.

Source: tbs

NRG appeared on a broadcast of tbsFM’s “Bae Chil-soo and Jeon Young-mi’s 9595 Show” and talked about making a comeback in twelve years.

“Twenty years have already passed since our debut. We feel proud to still be able to sing and dance like before,” they said.

“It wasn’t easy for us to come together for the comeback, since we all had separate things to take care of. But now that we’re all here together, it feels great,” Cheon Myeong-hoon shared. “Working with my fellow members takes me back to the days when we first met in middle school.”

NRG also talked about their past activities in China. Member Lee Sung-jin revealed the role they played in making way for the Korean hallyu wave, saying, “There was a time when diplomatic ties with Korea and China were cut. At that time, China wanted us and Ahn Jae-wook to perform for free as a prerequisite for reestablishing ties.”

In the end, the group went to China to perform, and diplomatic ties were restored. “Although current people in the industry may not know of this fact, we contributed to laying the foundation for the hallyu wave,” they said.

When asked about their level of popularity in China, Cheon Myeong-hoon replied with, “We held the concert in a venue in Shanghai that could fit 80,000 people. It wasn’t a sell-out concert, but about 60,000 people attended.”

After the concert, about 2,000 fans gathered around the hotel they were staying and would chant the group’s name. “They called us ‘Un-RG’ instead of ‘NRG’,” they said humorously.

NRG’s new song “20th Century Night” and other previous hit songs will air on “Bae Chil-soo and Jeon Young-mi’s 9595 Show” on Dec. 31 at 1 p.m.


Original article
by Park So-young

Translated by Janet Kang