Netizens’ Opinion of Kyung-hee University Sours in the Wake of Jung Yong-hwa’s Scandal


As more information about Jung Yong-hwa’s admission process is revealed, the more Netizens’ opinions of the university lower.

Kyung-hee University
Image source – OSEN News

On the January 23rd episode of SBS’s “One Night of Entertainment”, which was dedicated to exploring the scandal in-depth, a Kyung-hee University official stated that it is “correct to say that rules of the admission process were violated” and that the school is considering canceling Yong-hwa’s admission into their graduate program.”

However, although this is a trending topic in Korea, official’s appearance on the show was neither entertaining nor enlightening it the comments in response to the episode are any indication.

Netizen’s scorned the school for apparently changing their public statements to cast themselves in the best light. Further, other’s criticized the school for their admission process and the professor that personally interviewed the CNBlue singer who said: “the admission process was violated, but I did not know it would be such a big problem.” Moreover, one Netizen felt that Jung-hwa is the actual victim in the situation.

Earlier this month news that an idol was under investigation for preferential admission into one of Kyung-hee’s graduate school programs began to spread. As the story broke it was soon revealed that the idol under investigation was Jung Yong-hwa, a member of the K-rock band CNBlue. Since the story broke, both Yong-hwa and his agency, FNC Entertainment, explained the situation and personally apologized for the situation. Moreover, Yong-hwa voluntarily left the cast of “Talkmon” as well.



Translated by O.C

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