Last year, BIGBANG member Seungri posted a picture of him visiting the factory that produces broth for Aori Ramen. In the post, he tagged the location of the factory to be in the Yamagata Prefecture.

In response, a netizen raised a question regarding the location of the factory. The question was whether or not Yamagata district is safe from radiation exposure.

The information regarding the radiation exposure of districts in Japan is on the webpage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Sendai.

According to the information posted on March 13, Yamagata district is well within the ‘normal category.’ In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had set the withdrawal recommendation area to be within 30 km of the Fukushima Nuclear Facility. Yamagata district is located over 150 km away from Fukushima. In conclusion, the Aori Ramen factory is safe from radiation exposure.

Meanwhile, Seungri’s ramen business was involved in a controversy when Seungri posted a picture on Instagram promoting his new ramen restaurant in the midst of late Shinee member Jonghyun’s death.

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Translated by Dasol Kim