Song Ha-neul, a rookie actress who exposed late actor Jo Min-ki for sexually harassing her, is currently getting blamed for his death. Some netizens are trashing Song’s Facebook with comments in regard to Jo’s death.

On February 20, Song Ha-neul wrote “I tried to forget but I am outraged by the actor’s official stance on the controversy,” and accused late actor Jo Min-ki for sexually assaulting her. She graduated from Cheongju University, where Jo was employed as a professor in the theater department.

On March 9, Jo Min-ki was found dead in the basement of his apartment. It was 3 days before the official police investigation was supposed to start. The following day, the police found Jo’s last words written in 6 pages of computer papers.

Following the news, Song Ha-neul’s Facebook overran with comments blaming her for “killing the actor.” Some comments included “are you satisfied now?” and “best of luck with your career now that you have received what you asked for.” Lastly, in regard to her accusation, some said “you should have gone to the police. Are you satisfied now that you have killed a person?”

However, majority of the netizens protected Song Ha-neul and said, “blaming the victims for the attacker’s death is another act of attack. Should’ve the victims stayed in silence?” They continued, “it is not the victim’s fault. They only wished to get an apology from the attackers.”

Meanwhile, when the news of Jo’s death broke out, Song shared an article about late actress Jang Ja-yeon. In the article she shared, the fact that “no attackers of Jang Ja-yeon were punished appropriately” was mentioned. Jang Ja-yeon is an actress who committed suicide in 2009. As she died, she claimed that she had been sexually abused by entertainment executives to keep her career.

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Translated by Dasol Kim