You can look forward to daily radio shows to start appearing on Naver V LIVE.

Image source – Korea Daily

Naver’s V APP emerged as a powerful, interactive media player for many different forms of entertainment. Some of this included original variety shows, dramas, and live streams. However, the application is not making airwaves because of a special upcoming event or show, but because of a business move.

Naver is planning on incorporating radio into its repertoire. Starting on October 8, MBC’s nightly radio show “Idol Radio” will be broadcasted at 12:05 am KST, following the live broadcast which is about three hours earlier on analog.

This is standard operating procedure for the media player when it comes to live broadcasts. During the delay edits or subtitles can be added to present a more complete product.

“Idol Radio” proved to be popular during a pilot program that ran in July for two weeks. Every time it aired, the show made its way into the trending and popularity lists. Notably, idols and their vast, dedicated fanbases helped to make the show successful.

This formula will continue with BTOB‘s main rapper Ilhoon as the DJ for the program. Additionally, the first guests are reported to be iKON who recently released a new album with the title song “Goodbye Road.”

With this program, Naver hopes to bridge Koreans pop radio with global fans.



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