Na Hye-Mi reveals she suffered through continuous threats and malicious comments after marrying Eric of Shinhwa.

On September 13 broadcast of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3,” Na Hye-Mi appeared as a guest alongside Uee, Lee Jang-Woo, and Yoon Jin-Yi. It was especially attention gathering because it was the first time Na Hye-Mi and Yoon Jin-Yi ever appeared in a variety show.

During the talk show, Na Hye-Mi revealed that she had to suffer through a lot of threats and malicious comments after announcing her marriage with Eric. The actress said, “I’ve been a target of malicious comments ever since my debut through “Unstoppable High Kick” in 2006.”

“At the time, Jung Il-Woo was very famous. When it was announced that I had been casted as his counterpart, everyone went crazy. I received so many messages on my personal SNS account. The messages said, ‘watch your back’ or ‘I will stab you with a knife,’ or threats similar to those. I was very scared,” said Na.

Then the MC’s asked what it was like when she announced her marriage with Eric. In response, the actress said, “of course, I received many malicious comments and threats. I feel like people have been targeting me for a very long time. I feel unjust and sometimes upset, but I hope to hear better news through this upcoming drama.”

Then, Na Hye-Mi shared the behind story with Eric that led to his proposal.

She said, “before our marriage, he wanted to go on a vacation to take a small break. At the time, we got in a fight over a small, trivial thing, and Eric bursted out the door. I was so startled because he was never a person to do something like that. Afterwards, I started getting angrier, so I just went to sleep.”

“Afterwards, he called me outside while sleeping. I had found a note that says “Come out,” and I had a feeling that he wanted to propose to me. I got up and took out my white dress. I was mad, but I also put on makeup in the bathroom,” said Na with laughters.

She continued, “when I went outside, Eric was waiting for me with flowers by the beach. When I saw that, I felt sorry. Apparently, he had bursted out the door because he had to go get the flowers. That’s how the proposal went.”

Image Source – KBS2 “Happy Together 3”

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Translated by Dasol Kim