Listeners should expect to see changes to real-time charts as music sites and officials discuss if it is a system that encourages “sajaegi.”

Image source – Limez Entertainment

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched a full-scale discussion on illegal chart manipulation. They are compiling the opinions of high-ranking officials from different music source sites such as Melon Music and Genie and the Korea Music Content Industry Association.

This discussion comes after Limez Entertainment and their artist Nilo rocketed to the top of real-time charts with seemingly no explanation. In response, to the Nilo’s abnormal performance, especially against K-pop idols, many suggested that chart manipulation or “sajaegi.”

Some alleged that the agency participated in viral marketing, illegal use of user IDs and bought their artists’ music. To combat this Limez Entertainment submitted a petition and relevant┬ádocumentation for an investigation that is currently underway.

After compiling the different opinions from the officials, the Ministry discovered that both the Association and the music sites agreed that to eradicate illegal chart manipulation serious measure would have to be taken.

Melon Music real-time chart at 2 am KST

Before this meeting, music sites had discouraged midnight song releases by changing the time new music would be counted on charts to noon. Further, Melon Music, the largest streaming site, also augmented their membership requirements in an attempt to filter out false accounts. However, the music sites’ efforts have not completely eliminated the different elements can make charts exploitable.

As a result of the talks, the officials and the Ministry determined that the real-time chart system is problematic. Due to hourly updates on song ranks, which include the possibility of achieving a real-time “all-kill,” it encourages sajaegi. More, the “overheated streaming from fandoms” to see results on real-time charts is also a problem.

As such, they are considering possible changes or the complete abolition of the system. Currently, they are looking into various measure and operations related to the system.



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