Min Hyo-rin will accompany her husband, BIGBANG member Taeyang when he goes to enlist.

Bigbang Min Hyo-rin
Image source – Min Hyo-Rin and Taeyang’s Instagram accounts, respectively

According to YG Entertainment officials, actress Min Hyo-rin will accompany Taeyang to his enlistment center to see him off. Taeyang begins his military service today and will enter boot camp at Cheorwon Army’s 6th Infantry Division in Gangwon Province.

Furthermore, the officials said that the BIGBANG member intends to enter the facility quietly. As such, no special events for fans and reporters are expected. After going through basic training, Taeyang will be assigned to another division and serve the remained of his service there.

Moreover, Taeyang will be the third BIGBANG member to enter the army. T.O.P was the first, enlisting last February. Unfortunately, that same year T.O.P was swept up in a drug-related scandal and was transferred out of the Gangnam Police Station. Instead, he will be serving the remained of his conscription as a social worker.

G-Dragon was the second member of the group to enlist, and the most recent as well. He entered basic training last month on the 27th. Further, a picture of him in training recently surfaced, demonstrating how he has adjusted to military life.

Additionally, after Taeyang’s enlistment today, Daesung, a vocalist of BIGBANG will start his military service. According to earlier reports, he will start his service tomorrow, March 13, KST. Meanwhile, Seungri is planning to begin his military conscription after the promotions for his Chinese movie, Love Only, and his new solo album concludes.\

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin married in early February after dating for three-years.



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