#MeToo Movement in South Korea is now adding new articles in contracts that actors have sign to appear in dramas and movies.

Since the beginning of this year, #MeToo Movement has driven a great wave in the entertainment industry. Famous celebrities such as Oh Dal-Su, Cho Jae-Hyun, and recently Lee Seo-Won were accused of sexual harassment as part of the movement. As a result, they all stepped down from dramas and films they appeared and were about to appear in.

As this situation continued, it greatly affected many dramas and films. They had to cast new actors as replacements, re-film the finished works, and edit the inappropriate parts for damage control. Recently, actor Lee Seo-Won admitted his fault and stepped down from tvN drama ‘About Time,’ leaving the staff members to quickly cast Kim Dong-Jun as a replacement.

According to a source, “because of the damages from #MeToo Movement, many production teams have added new articles to contracts. The article states if any accusations regarding #MeToo Movement are made against the actor, he or she has to pay a penalty.”

The penalty includes the performance fee the actor was originally going to receive by starring in the drama/movie, in addition to the penalty itself.

A culture critic Lee Ho-Kyu said, “many production teams worry about casting because of possible damages from #MeToo Movement. However, they can’t directly ask the actors about it. Also, even if they do, they are just going to say no. Therefore, it is only right to re-write the contracts in order to prevent the possible damages.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim