After “I Am Not A Robot” and “Two Cops” conclude, MBC will hold all new dramas.

MBC, Olympics
Image source – MBC

On December 2 an MBC official said that “After the ‘I Am Not A Robot’ and ‘Two Cops’ finish conclude, the Pyeongchang Olympics will be broadcasted in their timeslot.” The Broadcast company will stop airing dramas for five-weeks starting at the end of January. However, the change in the broadcast will occur after the current monthly dramas, “Two Cops” and “I Am Not A Robot” air their final episode.

As such, MBC will resume broadcasting scheduled dramas beginning March 5, after a month-long reorganization. Therefore, “Devilish Happiness” and “The Selem Watch,” will be delayed. However, while the Olympics are taking place, MBC will work on improving the new dramas before their premiere in March. The weekend dramas “Money Flower” and “Man in the Kitchen” will not be affected.

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