For the first broadcast of MBC’s biannual special “Idol Star Athletics Championships” will introduced a new feature and enhances safety.

Image source – MBC

MBC announced that it would include a penalty shootout to the soccer matches in the first broadcast of “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (ISAC) on Lunar New Year. According to the network, the shootout will provide an opportunity for idols to demonstrate their soccer skills and lend more excitement and anticipation to the match.

This year, the soccer games feature participants from top boy groups like SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, ASTRO, NCT 127, and Stray Kids. Additionally, the network anticipates a balanced game because many of the players are skilled in soccer.

On another note, MBC is also taking more steps to ensure that fewer injuries result from the event. A production team official said that medical teams will be on-site and they have installed non-slip mates in the gymnasium where aerobic gymnastics and more will take place. As such, they hope that both idols and their fans can enjoy the day worry-free.

Meanwhile, filming for ISAC takes place on January 7 with broadcast scheduled for the Lunar New Year holiday.



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