The show “Unexpected Q” is the confirmed follow-up program to “Infinite Challenge.”

Infinite challege
Image source – MBC

MBC confirmed that the quiz show program “Unexpected Q” will fill in the Saturday evening slot previously occupied variety show “Infinite Challenge.” Further, the show will premier later this month on the 28th.

Moreover, the first recording of the new show is set to take place on April 17 and is drawing attention because of its lineup. Reportedly, Lee Soo-geun who is currently a cast member of “Knowing Bros” will be the resident MC.

Additionally, Jun Hyun-moo, SNSD Sunny, WINNER Mino, SechsKies Eun Ji-won, BtoB Eunkwang, TWICE Dahyun, MAMAMOO Solar, H.O.T. Kangta, Gugudan Sejeong, and more will reportedly appear in the first episode.

Meanwhile, “Unexpected Q,” is a show where stars test their knowledge with questions submitted by viewers.



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