Filming for the Idol Star Athletic Championships will begin next month.

ISAC Athletic
Image source – MBC

MBC is finalizing details for the recently revived bi-annual competition program for idols. The broadcasting company canceled Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) due to a significant general strike against MBC’s leadership. However, last month union leaders decided to temporarily halt the strike last month. As such, the halt allowed shows that were put on hiatus or canceled to return.

Recording for ISAC is set to begin January 15, with additional filming for bowling planned for January 22. Additionally, MBC plans to focus on filming archery, bowling, rhythmic gymnastics, and relay that have a relatively low risk of injury.

Rumors arose once the workers’ protest was suspended that MBC planned to bring back the competition. In turn, the broadcasting company denied the rumors and even expressed confusion for their start. However, just a few weeks later MBC released official news that confirmed its plans for a Lunar New Year’s broadcast of ISAC.


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