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Red Velvet member Irene has been “unfanned” by some male fans after mentioning a feminist novel during the group’s recent fan event.

During the group’s fan meeting event held on March 18, Irene was asked a question about books she’s been reading lately. To the question, the member mentioned a Korean novel titled “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982” (literal translation).”

The mentioned novel has long been on the best selling books list in Korea. By depicting a typical life of a woman born in Korea in 1982, the book juxtaposes misogyny rampant in Korean society. Previously, Girl’s Generation member Sooyoung also mentioned the title during a reality show.

After the fan meeting, some of the male fans of Irene expressed anger on an online community.

Image screenshot from DC Inside Red Velvet Gallery

“I don’t know if you’re doing that knowingly or unknowingly but I want you to keep in mind that most of your fans are men,” one of the uploaded postings reads. “You shouldn’t be messing with those male fans when they’re going to fan events and spending money on you.”

Image screenshot from DC Inside Red Velvet Gallery

Several users of the online community declared to stop being Irene’s fan by uploading pictures showing that they’ve deleted her pictures from their phones. Another user of the online community uploaded a picture of him burning her photo.

On the contrary, female fans are sending support to the artist. Several fans have posted giveaway Tweets to share the mentioned novel while criticizing the reactions some of the male fans showed. Many of the fans expressed sympathy for the artist, pointing out the fact that she was raised as the first daughter in Daegu, which is the city in Korea known for being conservative and patriarchal.


By Heewon Kim