[M/V] Stray Kids Are Back With the In Your Face ‘My Pace’


After a hard trainee period, boy group Stray Kids continue and express their strong ambition with “My Pace.”

On August 6, Stray Kids released their second mini album I am WHO that has seven songs and one CD-only track “MIXTAP#2.”

With their sophomore album, the boy group continues to show their potential as a star idol group with their musical skills. Notably, the member participated in writing and composing “MIXTAPE#2,” a sign that they are at a professional level.

The title track for their new album, “My Pace,” is a powerful and frantic hip-hop song with the message that the boys are unyieldingly going in the direction of their choosing.

Indeed, the music video does a good job at capturing the hyper energy presented in the song. The freewheeling charm of the nine members, a dynamic atmosphere, and colorful diversions and sharp camerawork all play a role.



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Translated by O.C