K-Pop Girl Group Lovelyz apologized for the recent incident during an online live broadcasting session.

VLIVE (left) and Woolim Entertainment (right)

On February 3, Lovelyz’ member Mijoo held an online live broadcast to interact with fans. While Mijoo was reading the comments, an anonymous voice is heard in the background. The voice sounds like she is uttering offensive words.

Although the video is no longer available, those who were watching the live session said there were serious hate comments against the artists. Judging from the circumstance, the swear words were against those who wrote hate comments.

Mijoo, who were alarmed by cursing, turned around to let the person know that her voice was audible. The girl group member hurriedly wrapped up the live broadcast.

On February 3, Woolim Entertainment released an official statement to apologize. “The incident happened incautiously as they were talking with each other,” reads the statement. “We’re sorry to make the fans worried. The agency will pay attention so that such a mistake is not repeated.”

Meanwhile, people are reacting to the incident in contrasting ways. Some people are angry that they were not careful enough while talking to their fans. On the other side, some fans are accusing those of overreactions. Furthermore, fans are demanding better management and regulation against hate comments.


By Heewon Kim