Two singer-turned-actor stars Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy officially confirmed to be starring as leading characters in drama “Vagabond.”

In Courtesy of Hook Entertainment and JYP Entertainment

The two stars are reuniting in five years after “Gu Family Book” in 2013. Starring as a stunt performer, Cha Gun, and a secret agent of National Intelligence Service, Go Hae- ri, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy are expected to show a great chemistry once again.

“Vagabond” follows an action romance drama which follows a story of a man who digs into hidden political corruptions after getting involved in a plane crash.

Directed by Yoo In-sik of “Giant,” “History of a Salaryman,” “Incarnation of Money,” “You’re All Surrounded,” “Mrs. Cop,” and “Dr. Romantic” and written by Jang Young-cheol and Jeong Kyung-sun of “Giant,” “History of a Salaryman,” and “Incarnation of Money,” the new drama is expected to present a great quality.

Planning to premiere at the same time in Korea, US, and Japan, “Vagabond” is to launch its filming after the first read-through on June 2.


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