Customers could not help but notice Lee Seo-jun and Park Seo-jun’s good looks on “Youn’s Kitchen 2.”

Seo-jun youn's kitchen
Image source – OSEN News

On the January 12 episode of “Youn’s Kitchen 2” Park Seo-jun and Lee Seo-jin impressed a couple dining in the restaurant with their good looks. The couple remarked that Lee Seo-jin was “quite good-looking” after he took their order. More, when the couple glanced behind them, they happened to catch a glimpse of Park Seo-jun. Impressed with his features, they remarked that he was also “very handsome.” Later, while waiting for their food and observing the staff members of “Youn’s Kitchen 2,” the two concluded that all Koreans seem to be beautiful.

The good looks of “Youn’s Kitchen” staff has not only stood out in the current season but the previous one as well. During the previous season of the show, which took place on Gilis Island, Indonesia, customers were equally impressed by Jung Yu-mi. Customers said that she was “really beautiful” and made the sweeping statement that “Korean women are pretty and sophisticated.”

Interestingly, shortly after the broadcast, a few netizens joked that the staff had unwittingly given foreigners an unexpected image of Koreans. Further, some netizens who felt they could not live up to these expectation wrote comments such as “I’m sorry,” “I lost my nationality,” and “I will do some self-reflection.”

“Youn’s Kitchen” is a reality program that documents the daily interaction of the staff and customer. More, the restaurant is located in a different country that where access to Korean food may not be available. As such, the concept of the show is based on the introduction of Korean food to locals through a small restaurant staffed by Korean celebrities. This season the staff of “Youn’s Kitchen” are located in Garachico, Spain.

Original article
by Kim Eun-bin

Translated by O.C