For the first time in 6 years, actress Lee Ming-Jun opens up about her life with Lee Byung-Hun!

On November 25 broadcast of SBS “My Little Old Boy,” Lee Min-Jung appeared to talk about her life with her husband Lee Byung-Hun and their 4-year old son, Jun-Woo. This was first variety show the actress had appeared since her wedding in 2013.

Furthermore, Lee Min-Jung directly mentioned her son Jun-Woo for the first time. When Shin Dong-Yup complimented Jun-Woo for his looks, Lee Min-Jung responded, “the upper part of his face looks like me, the eyes and a part of the nose. However, he looks more like his father overall.”

Furthermore, the actress also shared how her affection-less father has influenced how she treats her own son. Lee said, “I grew up with a father, who wasn’t very good at expressing his feelings. So I always thought if I were to have a child, I would constantly remind them of my love.”

Maybe because of this, the actress also revealed that her husband is very jealous of her son. She said, “my husband once said he did not realize that we had such a good quality food in our household. It’s because I tend to give it to my son, first. Because of that, my husband gets jealous sometimes.”

Later, Lee Min-Jung also talked about Lee Byung-Hun’s proposal. The actress began, “it was all so obvious. I’m very good at picking up signals. It was the day that we invited our whole family to see a film that my husband had appeared. He repeatedly told me not to go to the bathroom after the film ended. That’s when I figured he had planned something.”

However, the actress revealed to have dropped a few tears, even after knowing what was going to happen. She said, “after the film, he proposed to me. I knew it was going to happen, but I still cried a little bit.”

Image Source – SBS

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Translated by Dasol Kim