Actress Lee Joo-Yeon is appearing in the upcoming romantic drama ‘Devilish Joy.’

On June 7, OSEN confirmed that Lee Joo-Yeon is appearing as one of the female leads for ‘Devilish Joy’. In the drama, she will play in the role of Lee Ha-Im, an only child to a wealthy family, who is also a top actress in Korea. Consequently, she will end up in a love triangle with the other lead characters, Kong Ma-Sung (Choi Jin-Hyuk) and Joo Gi-Bbeum (Song Ha-Yoon).

‘Devilish Joy’ will tell a love story between a genius doctor who suffers from a “Cinderella” Memory Disorder and an actress who used to be famous. Choi Jin-Hyuk will play in the role of the doctor, and Song Ha-Yoon to play the ‘formerly famous actress.’

Besides the lead characters, former member of INFINITE Hoya and comedian Lee Soo-Ji have also confirmed to join the cast.

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Translated by Dasol Kim