Following the end of SBS drama “Where Stars Land,” Lee Je-Hoon shows further support for the people with disability.

On November 27, Lee Je-Hoon shared his thoughts on the end of SBS drama “Where Stars End,” as it aired its last episode the day prior. The actor begun, “I chose this drama based on my firm belief towards director Shin Woo-Chul and writer Kang Eun-Kyung. The fact that the drama was telling a story about the Passenger Services Team at the Incheon Airport, which no other drama has ever done before, seemed very intriguing to me.”

Image Source – Saram Entertainment

He said, “in addition, I was interested in the fact that under the genre of ‘Human Melo,’ the drama shed light on the painful prejudice of the society towards the people with disability.”

“Finally, ‘Where Stars Land’ has come to its end,” Lee Je-Hoon continued.

“Throughout the drama, I was able to work with many talented staff members and co-stars very happily. I was so content that it’s hard to believe that everything is over. At this time, I would like to once again express my gratitude towards everyone who gave their best effort into making ‘Where Stars Land’ happen.”

Lee concluded, “every moment I spent with you during the drama felt very special to me. I thank each and every audience who has seen, cherished, and loved our drama. I sincerely hope that with this drama, the society will look at the people with disability with more care and love in their eyes.”

Meanwhile, Lee Je-Hoon played in the role of Lee Soo-Yeon. Lee is a rookie employee at the Incheon Airport, who has lost the ability to use his right arm and leg due to an unfortunate accident. During the drama, the actor managed to draw the attention to the uncomfortable living situation of those with disability, as well as their pain as they fight through the prejudice of the society.

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Translated by Dasol Kim