Lee Gi-Kwang shares a few words now that KBS drama “Lovely Horribly” has aired its final episode.

On October 2, KBS drama “Lovely Horribly” aired its final episode and came to an end. To commemorate the end of the drama, Lee Gi-Kwang has shared a few words about how the drama has taught him to become a better actor.

Image Source – KBS “Lovely Horribly”

Lee Gi-Kwang started off by talking about the weather change. He said, “when we began filming for the drama, the hot weather was almost suffocating us. But now that the drama has neared its end, the cold wind blows.”

He continued, “first of all, it was an honor to appear in such a great drama with a great role in hand. It was also an honor to act alongside Si-Hoo, Ji-Hyo, and Yeo-Jin, as well as other amazing seniors and juniors. Because everyone, from our director to all staff, has poured their heart into the production, the drama was a success.”

Lee Gi-Kwang took on the role of Lee Sung-Joong, an up-and-coming drama director, who holds a special place in his heart for Eul-Soon, the character played by Song Ji-Hyo.

He said, “it was my first time taking on a character who is in one-way love. Personally, I learned a lot from it. I think my acting spectrum has gotten wider thanks to my character. It was very fun taking on the role of Sung-Joong, a person who may seem very innocent and easy-going, but is not afraid to say what he has in mind.”

He continued, “from now on, I will challenge myself on taking on as many characters as possible, and really grow as an actor that you can trust.”

At the end, Lee Gi-Kwang said, “the weather is so unpredictable. Try not to catch a cold. I will continue to try my best to become an actor who can stand proudly in front of you.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim