SKY TV anchorwoman Lee Da-Hee recently married into the CJ Group family.

CJ Group
Image source – Ilgan Sports

On October 8, SKY TV anchorwoman Lee Da-hee has a private wedding with the eldest son and chairman of CJ Group Lee Jae-hyun. According to reports, there were only a small number of guest. Further, among those who joined the couple for the happy day were ten family members.

Reportedly, the chairman met Lee Da-hee earlier this and they decided to get married. Before starting a career in South Korea, Lee Da-hee studies sociology and psychology at Purdue University in the U.S.

Afterward, she joined the SKY TV team in 2016 and was in charge of sports, culture, and entertainment news. In particular, she is recognized as the face of the baseball program “Ranking Baseball.”

With the news of Lee Da-hee’s marriage surfaced, she has gained a lot of attention. Notably, until October 9, the day after the wedding, she ranked number one in real-time searches. Moreover, due to the amount of attention, she has switched for social media accounts from public to private.



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