Actress Lee Da-Hee confirmed to join the cast of upcoming JTBC drama “The Beauty Inside!”

On June 14, OSEN reported that Lee Da-Hee confirmed to appear in the drama remake of movie “The Beauty Inside” with final adjustments to make.

“The Beauty Inside” is originally a movie starring actress Han Hyo-Joo. It tells a love story between a man whose figure changes every time he goes to sleep, and a woman who falls in love with the man nonetheless.

However, in the drama version, the female character changes once a month. Besides the gender change, everything else about the plot and surroundings will remain the same.

Lee Da-Hee will play in the role of Kang Sa-Ra, the CEO of a low cost airline company. With her motto of “smart women have to be tough to survive the world,” Kang Sa-Ra toughens herself to become successful in life. However, she ends up falling in love with a man with pure heart and learns about love.

Therefore, Lee Da-Hee found her next work after KBS “Queen of Mystery” that ended in April. In addition, she has also appeared in SBS “Law of the Jungle” and “Running Man” and continued to promote herself.

Meanwhile, Seo Hyun-Jin and Lee Min-Ki have also confirmed to appear in “The Beauty Inside,” directed by producer Song Hyun-Wook from “Another Miss Oh.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim