On March 7, a former 2AM member, Lee Chang-min, denied his involvement in the #MeToo movement. Lee Changmin’s agency, The B Sky Entertainment, released the official statement on their Instagram clarifying his name in the scandal.

On March 5, another netizen came forward to report sexual harassment by a celebrity. She made allegations against a ballad singer, claiming they were in a relationship while he was a trainee. She accused him of secretly taking videos of her while they were dating. When he got caught, he made up excuses but did not actually delete the videos. Afterwards, he repeatedly asked for “body cams” and when she refused, he threatened to release the videos. As her request, the media did not reveal the singer’s name.

When the news broke out without an actual name, speculations about Lee Chang-min as the alleged offender rose on the surface. However, the speculations soon cleared off when his agency released a statement responding to the rumor.

On their Instagram account, The B Sky Entertainment said “With the ongoing social movement that is receiving much attention and sympathy from the general public, it is unimaginable the pain and the hardship the victims went and are still going through. We sincerely hope that those involved could soon recover their smiles, and there are no more victims out of this movement. However, we also hope that there will be no more innocent people to get involved due to misinformation and herd mentality. In order to protect our artist, the agency will take legal action against rumors or false accusations.”

Lee Chang-min, who debuted as 2AM in 2008, left BigHit Entertainment in February 1, 2018. He is now promoting himself under The B Sky Entertainment.

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Translated by Dasol Kim