Lee Eun-Hee, known as the younger sister of Lee Byung-Hun, gave the public a pleasant surprise by making her first variety show appearance in 5 years!

On December 6 broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating,” Lee Byung-Hun’s sister Lee Eun-Hee appeared as a guest of Lee Pil-Mo and Seo Soo-Jin couple. During the episode, Lee revealed that she changed her name to Lee Ji-An and currently owns a guest house.

The three gathered up at Lee’s guest house and exchanged an in-depth conversation about the relationship between Lee Pil-Mo and Seo Soo-Jin.

First, Lee Ji-An asked Lee Pil-Mo if he has feelings for Seo Soo-Jin aside from what’s being shown in the program, to which Lee Pil-Mo answered, “ever since I first saw her. Aside from the program, I really, really enjoy her presence. I think about marrying her for real.”

Seo Soo-Jin responded, “I feel the same way. My feelings for him grow more and more every time I see him. We even met privately when we were not filming and it was just as if we were filming.”

At the end, Lee Ji-An was able to bring out the true feelings the couple has for one another, giving them a chance to check once again how deep their feelings have gotten.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-An debuted as a child actress even before her older brother, Lee Byung-Hun. In 1996, she became Miss Korea, leading her to appear in various TV programs and gathering much attention for being the younger sister of Lee Byung-Hun.

Image Source – TV Chosun

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Translated by Dasol Kim